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How to use the Web app

Go to Web app here.

First of all, you need to Sign up using the same login and password as in FieldBee navigation app. Read the detailed description below or check the video:

You get access to:

  • Map — to see fields, tasks, and notes on the map
  • Task — to set and check task status
  • Field — to check how your fields are organized (easy to access and update data)
  • Glossary — to add data about materials, machinery, crops and coworkers.

Press (+) to import/add important information and press “Save”.

2 thoughts on “Web app

  1. I would like to buy the system but can not follow the guys demo
    Can someone call me who knows how to start the basic AB line and save the field.. I can not follow this guys demo

    1. Hello! We will contact you soon.

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