Dear Farmers,

we are back again with a new app update for you; get ready for new useful features as well as improved functionality to make the experience of using our app even more smooth and effortless!

What awaits you in the new update:

Navigation Line Shift

By using guidance line drawing patterns, you are able to correctly draw a singular line on the field and then use it for other operations by shifting the guidance lines. We’ve worked hard to improve the design and functionality of the Navigation Line Shift function; this will, sure enough, spare you some time.

Ways you can use the navigation line shift:
  1. Build navigation lines by recording the field tracks.
  2. Put the track recording on Pause in the ‘Pause’ mode, after which the button for shifting navigation lines will appear in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Press the Shift Lines button; the Shift Lines screen will appear. The shift can be done in two ways:
    • Select side and enter the shift value;
    • By pressing the ‘Move navigation lines to my location’ button.
  4. You can then save the shift and continue recording the track with the shifted lines.

Recovery of lost tracks

When working in a field, we know that farmers need to monitor many factors such as the movement along the guidance line, spreading of materials, or the quality of the field. Therefore, it’s understandable to occasionally forget to charge the navigation device, resulting in loss of recorded data.

We have improved the track recovery function so that you won’t have to worry about any loss of data.

Here are the steps you should follow:
  1. You have started recording the track.
  2. During the track recording, the device runs out of battery.
  3. Connect your device to a charger – Turn on the device.
  4. After opening the app, you will see a message: Error saving track
  5. In the ‘track list’ pannel, a card will appear: ‘Temporary track.’
  6. With the ‘Temporary track’ you can do the following:
    • Save track
    • Continue track recording
We understand that some things are out of our reach, and it’s hard to control every little aspect – Don’t worry, we got your back!