This is the third and last post in a series where we address concerns that farmers who are new to FieldBee may have The last popular concern we would like to cover is…

Buying Remote

There’s always a what-if aspect to purchasing anything remotely;
What if I can’t install it?
What if it doesn’t fit my tractor?
What if there’s an issue with the product and I don’t know how to fix it?

All very understandable concerns: most farmers are used to buying their farm equipment from dealers who provide highly available support services. Buying a farming system online is different and some farmers might be concerned because of it. FieldBee is a Direct-to-Farmer manufacturer and seller. As such, we’ve created products which we can track remotely and provide farmers with remote support on various channels: phone, email, WhatsApp etc. Through the IoT (internet of things) architecture of our products, our customer success engineers pinpoint any problem (if any arise) and remotely push firmware updates to eliminate any issue. A dealer might be able to come to your farm quickly, but it would take a very professional dealer to be able to solve issues, as well as our remote team can. The new PowerSteer product is much simpler to use and consists of fewer parts – fewer parts meaning fewer cables, fewer connections and fewer things that may go wrong. It’s also making the installation process much quicker and smoother.

Our highly professional and friendly Customer support team is available from 8-20 in high season, 7 days a week to assist you with any questions or problems that you might have regarding our products – we are here for you tomorrow, and you won’t be alone after purchasing. Naturally, there are those rare occasions when problems can’t be solved remotely. In such cases, we either send our support engineer to you within a few days or we send you a replacement part – even before receiving the original part back from you.

Creating a direct relationship between us in selling and in support allows us to offer you the best products, with the best support… and at the best prices!

We hope that this clears up some of the concerns that are holding you back from joining the FieldBee family, and are looking forward to welcoming you as one of our customers!

Have a fruitful next season with FieldBee!