eFarmer B.V. graduated from the European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) in Noordwijk the Netherlands, is currently running a pre-order campaign among farmers. The first batch of the new product will be ready in May 2017. The company, that has collected enough preorders to start the production of its new highly accurate satellite navigation system for farmers, that costs 10 times cheaper than existing solutions.

“In little under two months, eFarmers from all over the world have pre-ordered more than 100 FieldBEE’s. We very much appreciate that farmers invest in our product. I think farmers are the best investors that an agtech startup can get. We receive not only the money but also a valuable feedback on how the product should work and look like. I am sure that together we will create a truly great product for farmers.” – says CEO Michael Utkin.

In December 2016 an agricultural technology startup has announced its new product the RTK GPS system for farmers. The system is modular and consists of two parts:

  • FieldBee – Rover Antenna – installed on the tractor and allows to obtain the accuracy of 20-50 cm, which is sufficient for many farming operations.
  • RTK Base Station – the extra antenna is installed on the edge of a field or on a mast and allows for superior accuracy of 0-4 cm.

“This is a new generation of such devices. The system can be upgraded to the automatic steering module. It automatically receives updates and diagnostics remotely over a mobile network, therefore can be continuously improved without the need of costly hardware replacement in the future. It is easy to install and upkeep – use of the antenna does not require any special technical knowledge” – comments Alexey Bogatyrev CTO of eFarmer.

The system provides high accuracy for farmers and enable them to use precision farming practices such as tractor navigation, auto steering, soil sampling, variable rate applications, drones etc.

Precision agriculture tackles the issues of current farming practices to improve productivity and profitability and to reduce risks and environmental impact. “eFarmer’s software and hardware can save farmers up to 20% of costs on materials every year” – states CEO and founder Michael Utkin.

eFarmer B.V. is based in the Netherlands and Ukraine, it was founded in 2014 by Ukrainian tech team with 10 years of experience in IT for agriculture. The first product of eFarmer is a Tractor Navigation app that is a best-rated app on the Google play with more than 85 000 downloads from 140 countries. The company’s new product was created with the support of European Space Agency Business Incubator. The Company’s mission is to enable precision farming for every farmer.

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