We've been making waves in the German and Swiss press lately! Here's a rundown of the most exciting highlights from recent articles about FieldBee.


Agrartechnik Online

Duffner Landtechnik, a supplier of agricultural machinery in Baden-Württemberg, , has become a FieldBee partner, expanding our reach in the agricultural market in the south of Germany. This partnership is a significant step towards making FieldBee’s precision guidance solutions more accessible to farmers across the region. The article quotes, "FieldBee's innovative products will now be available through Duffner, bringing advanced farming technology to more users." We couldn’t be more excited for this partnership!

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Schweizer Bauer

This piece highlights our affordable solutions for achieving RTK-level accuracy in farming operations. It emphasises the cost-effectiveness and reliability of FieldBee products, helping farmers enhance their productivity without breaking the bank. The article notes, "FieldBee offers a budget-friendly path to precision, ensuring even small farms can benefit from advanced GPS technology.", perfectly encapsulating what drives us in our daily work.

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Digital Magazin

An in-depth look at FieldBee’s journey and innovations, this article features an interview with our CEO, Michael Utkin. He discusses our mission to provide precision guidance solutions for high-quality fieldwork. "With over 6,000 customers in 60 countries, FieldBee is dedicated to making precision farming accessible to all.", Michael Utkin explains.

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Stay tuned for more updates and innovations from FieldBee, as we continue to support farmers worldwide with our cutting-edge technology!