Our great IT team continues its work to make the FieldBee app more useful and easier for farmers, to remove annoying bugs, and to add functionality that farmers are asking for. In the new version of the FieldBee 7.2.0 application, we worked on bugs (fixed the displaying of field thumbnails when adding track parameters; fixed transition to Toolbox L1 when connected to L1) and included new functionality that we would like to introduce here.

Enable/Disable the Covered field area

Before: working in the field, farmers experienced freezes in the application when it was processing the Covered field area data. As a result, you could not see your guidance lines and had to stop your work. Urrr, annoying.. Now: we have added the ability to enable or disable the display layer of the covered area. While the covered area will not be displayed on the screen, it still will be recorded and stored in a track view mode.
We recommend turning off the display of the covered area for farmers who:
  • work with narrow implement width (1.7m-6m)
  • going to work and record data for more than 4 hours
How to use
  • on the Navigation screen In the top menu, click the Layers icon
  • uncheck Track coverage
Check the video on how to use this setting

Voice notification in case of accuracy change

Before: when working in the field for 8 or more hours a day, especially during planting, it was complicated to keep attention to the accuracy icon on the screen. Therefore farmers could miss the moment when accuracy has changed and when steering became less precise. Now: we have added voice notifications when the type of accuracy changes (GPS, DGPS, FRTK, RTK). So now you will not miss when the accuracy of your autosteer drops out and will be able to engage in a manual driving mode without losing the perfect lines. How to use You can enable/disable voice notifications in the application settings. Go to the System Settings: App Voice sound – check/uncheck. More in the videos.
The FieldBee app is getting better with the help of farmers from all over the world. Do you see the next thing that we can improve? Ask to get it:) Please fill out a short form, don’t limit yourself!