Dear farmers, we hope you are having a great season this year.

Let’s review the updates we’ve prepared for you in the 7.3.0 version of the FieldBee Tractor Navigation app. First of all, we would like to present the brand new – Multiple headland pattern available for Premium subscription customers and introduce you to the new redesigned and updated Navigation functionality.

Multiple HeadLand pattern

We are launching the multiple headland pattern. Many farmers asked to add this pattern. It is useful for one of the most common operations carried out in the field – Plowing, which is performed with the HeadLand pattern.

We have modified the HeadLand pattern, now the app draws guidance lines along the field border. You can use these circles to achieve better precision in agricultural operations. We’ve also made it possible to reselect the inner pattern (AB Straight, AB Curve, AB Manual) and save recorded track circles.
To use the Multiple HeadLand pattern:

  • Select a field
  • Specify the working width of the machine
  • Then go to the Patterns list and select the Multiple HeadLand patternelect a field
  • Enter the number of circles
  • Choose the inner pattern for your field processing.

  • Watch this video guide:

Redesigned Navigation

To redesign the app, our team collected farmer`s feedback. We appreciate your help a lot because our main goal is improving the user experience in difficult real-life conditions in which farmers have to work with our applications – when the cabin and the tablet are shaking.

List view alternative

Previously, all patterns were presented in only one List view. It was not clear to many of our users which particular pattern they should choose for a particular field operation. So we’ve added a brief description of each pattern. We also created an alternative view in the form of cards to make it easier to choose a pattern for work. Now you can visually understand which pattern is suitable for your current field operation. We understand that updating and moving away from the usual design can cause you discomfort, so we left the option to switch to the List view.

Improved work with the Used pattern and Saved track pattern lists

All information about the last field operation is displayed in the Used patterns. So you can easily execute operations with different implements. Once you’ve created guiding lines they will be available for further operations.

With the “Saved track” pattern, you can always return to the same line in the field. It is suitable for work on fields with difficult symmetry. It enables you to use a previously saved track as the line for tractor guidance.
One farmer can work on different fields, perform various operations, etc. So users always create a long list of templates and tracks. Finding the one you need on this list can be very difficult! Therefore, we have added the ability to:
  • add template/track to favorites;
  • rename template / track;
  • search by template/track name.
Now you can find all the most frequently used templates/tracks as quickly as possible. Video instruction is below:

We have freed up the working area

To make our application more convenient and functional we decided to free up the working area of ​​the track recording screen and moved the 2D / 3D button to the map layer settings.

We added the ability to manage sound and voice notifications in the track settings

Now you can turn sound and voice messages in the application on/off by pausing the recording of a track. Watch it in the video:
We hope you will start to use our new features and that they will help to increase your yields and productivity during the harvesting period and save you some time for more important things.

If you have any ideas for how we can further improve FieldBee products, please let us know in the comments. Together we can create the best experience for all farmers worldwide.