Dear Farmers, it is a new app update for you! In version 8.1.1, we improved the track recording functionality for operations performed at low speeds; now, when an operation is performed at a speed of 1 km/h, the application will determine how the movement is and fix it.

To enable operation at low speeds

To enable operation at low speeds (by default, this setting is disabled)
  • Navigate to the Application Settings menu
  • Turn on the following option in the Navigation section: Low-speed operation

    If you have already begun recording a track:
  • Pause the track recording
  • Select the three dots in the top menu.
  • Enable the following option: Low-speed operation

    Little Nuance: We disabled the motion marker’s tracking function when working at low speeds. If you want the movement marker to point upwards, rotate the map by placing two fingers on the device’s screen (phone/tablet) and rotating them in the direction you want the marker to appear.
  • Guidance lines

    We have renamed Used pattern to Guidance lines and added it to Record Keeping. We’ve added the ability to sort lines in the Guidance lines section by; creation date, name, or field.
    1. Navigate to Record Keeping;
    2. Choose the Guidance Lines option.
    3. All lines (created on and off the field) will be available to you in the Guidance Lines section.
    4. You can work with both a list and cards;
    5. By default, the list will be sorted by Date, but this can be changed:
      • Select the word Date;
      • At the bottom of the screen, the sorting list will appear: Date, Name line, and Field
      • Select the parameter by which you want to sort the list and click on it.
    6. Also by clicking on the arrow (icon), you can sort from the earliest to the latest (if the main filter is by Date).

    Edit AB Line

    By selecting a line, you can: see it on the map, rename it, and relink it to the field.
    1. Record-Keeping go to Guidance lines.
    2. Select a line and click on it.
    3. Line preview opens.
    4. You can: Change the line name.
    5. And rebind the line to another field
      ! But, you can rebind the field if the line pattern is: AB Straight, AB manual or imported line.
    6. To save the changes, click the Save button.

    Rename Track

    Another minor improvement is that you can now change the track’s name, as follows:
    1. Select a track from Recent Tracks.
    2. Click the three dots on the Track Card.
    3. Choose Rename.
    4. Enter and save a new track name.
      You can also change the track name in Task.
    Hope your user experience will be smoother thanks to those changes!
    Feel free to share your thoughts about FieldBee app Update in comments!