Dear farmers, we’re excited to announce the newest FieldBee app update. Let’s get into all the new and exciting features we’ve introduced.
    • We take the safety of our autosteer users very seriously, so in this version of the application, we introduced voice and sound notifications for when autosteer is switched on or off.
By default, sound/voice notifications are enabled, but there are two ways to configure them:
a. In the app settings:
  • Select Settings from the main menu.
  • Select Sound/Voice notifications in the Navigation section.
b. When recording a track: If you have already begun recording a track:
  • Start recording a track.
  • Press Pause.
  • Press the three-dot icon in the upper menu bar to open the settings list.
  • Choose Sound/Voice notifications.
  • By default, all sound and voice settings are enabled. You can turn off sound notifications in the application settings or during track recording in the track settings.
    2. We have also added a new GPS status, RTK Age, which warns the user when their RTK connection is unstable.

    When working with RTK correction, it is important to understand that when you stop receiving the correction data stream (for whatever reason), RTK accuracy can only be maintained for up to 60 seconds. The new RTK Age Status (Outdated Correction Data) shows how long ago data was last received from the base station or NTRIP network. If data isn’t updated, the receiver will switch to DGPS, which may cause your position to shift on the map.

    • When RTK data isn’t updated for more than 20 seconds: the application will inform the user that the type of correction was changed to RTK Age.
    • When RTK data isn’t updated for more than 40 seconds: The app will remind you to hold the correction and take over control of the tractor.
    In addition to this, we’ve also fixed two bugs:
    • Incorrect display of the side of the navigation line deviation;
    • Transmission of an adjacent navigation line to the autosteer.
    Our team works hard to make life easier for FieldBee farmers. Stay tuned for more app updates. And if you have any requests or suggestions for how our app can be improved, please email us and we will be sure to take your ideas on board!