LZ Rheinland, a regional German agriculture magazine, has also written about FieldBee’s new PowerSteer: noting that the system is designed for quick installation, easy automatic calibration, simple operation, and retrofitting on all common tractors, making it an ideal solution for precise field driving. Read more:

Easy entry into precision guidance

FieldBee has introduced a new RTK autosteer system called PowerSteer. According to the manufacturer, the system offers high precision of ‡ 2 cm and is easy to install and retrofit. With the help of a highly precise all-in-one electronic control unit, a PowerWheel steering wheel specially designed for tractors, an installation kit, and a smartphone, the new FieldBee PowerSteer enables precision driving in the field.

The system consists of a few components and has been primarily designed for quick installation, easy automatic calibration, and simple operation. FieldBee states that it can be installed on all common tractors, enables a complete range of driving speeds, and works with a high degree of accuracy in most terrain forms. The system costs from €4200.

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