Another respected agricultural magazine, Wochenblatt für Landwirtschaft und Landleben, also praises PowerSteer as an affordable and easy to use retrofit parallel driving system for older tractors. Read more:

The Dutch-Ukrainian provider FieldBee has developed a fully-fledged parallel driving system as a retrofit solution for older tractors. It is significantly cheaper than competing products. Depending on the performance class, tractor manufacturers currently deliver between 70 and 80% of new machines with a complete parallel driving system. But even older tractors without preparation can be equipped with automatic parallel driving systems. Instead of interfering with the tractor’s hydraulics, a steering motor takes over the necessary correction movements.

Complete systems with RTK receiver and display from Müller, Reichhardt or John Deere cost around €9,000 net. FieldBee is now coming to the market with a comparable system that is supposed to cost €4,900. At this price, “PowerSteer” is complete and consists of the steering motor, an Android tablet for operation, a housing with an integrated GPS receiver, job computer, tilt sensor, and the antenna for receiving the RTK correction signal. The necessary cable harnesses for installation are also included in the basic equipment. Those who already own an Android tablet or smartphone from version 7.5 can save €700 and use it as the control unit. FieldBee employees recently demonstrated installation and operation as part of a demonstration. The initial installation, including proper routing of the cable harnesses from the vehicle battery to the cabin, could be completed in two to three hours. If several tractors are prepared, the switch from steering wheel, receiver, and tablet can be completed in 20 to 30 minutes. This is due, among other things, to data transmission from receiver to tablet via Bluetooth or WiFi, which eliminates the need for additional wiring.

FieldBee promises an accuracy of ±2 cm. The correction signal is received by the system via the German national surveying service SAPOS satellite positioning service. All that is required in the receiver or tablet is a SIM card with a data volume of around 5 GB.

The founder and CEO of FieldBee, Michael Utkin, relies on European know-how in the development and production of PowerSteer. The company currently has locations in Ukraine, Poland, and the Netherlands. He places particular emphasis on ease of use and direct support for users by FieldBee employees. System updates, for example, can be made online by users. In the coming months, the steering system is expected to receive additional features. For example, an “automatic turning mode” is in the works. To unlock these and other additional functions, there will be annual costs of €119 in the premium version. The basic version, on the other hand, is not associated with any annual fees.

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