We are very happy to announce that our new product: the FieldBee PowerSteer is here and ready for pre-order!

We’re on a mission

Sometime in early 2014, our founder and CEO, Michael Utkin, had a vision to bring affordable tractor automation solutions to farmers of all sizes and backgrounds – to make farming more efficient, productive, and sustainable.

When building up FieldBee, we had farmers at the forefront of our minds – we wanted to create affordable products that would make farmer’s work easier, free up time, and increase productivity. Small farmers are the heroes in our story, being responsible for 70% of the world’s food production.

We are working for you – the farmers, and inspired by your needs we’ve developed a new, improved and simplified product that leverages the best advancements in IoT (internet of things) architecture, drone technology and machine automation.


Drumroll please… we’re exposing today our new and improved retrofit autosteer product line, combining FieldBee’s best-of-class navigation app and autosteer technology with some major improvements and new features:
    • Improved design;
    • Fewer components and moving parts, an all-in-one controller and a new, powerful and quiet steering wheel motor make for a very reliable and robust system.
    • Easier to install
    • New steering wheel motor with 15 minutes installation instead of the previous 3-6 hours.
    • Guaranteed stability
    • A new, rugged 7’’ android tablet, certified by FieldBee to work seamlessly thanks to fewer 3rd party updates (optional. You can still use any Android phone or tablet).
    • Easier to use
    • Use a simplified (and free!) version of the application or the full-featured pro version. It’s your choice.
We offer in the presale 3 FieldBee PowerSteer Options:
FieldBee PowerSteer Lite
  • FieldBee all-in-one controller (new)
  • FieldBee PowerWheel
  • Installation kit (anti-rotation bracket, power adaptor and harness)
  • Using your own Android phone/ tablet with the Lite or pro app versions
Normal price – 4200 EUR
FieldBee PowerSteer Complete
Includes all PowerSteer lite features with additional:
  • FieldBee PowerTablet
  • External 4G antenna
FieldBee PowerSteer Ultra Low Speed
Includes all PowerSteer lite features with additional:
  • Wheel angle sensor
  • Additional FieldBee L2 receiver
If you like to get down to the nitty-gritty, then please view the PowerSteer’s specs sheet and product deck for more detailed information. The FieldBee PowerSteer solution will be shipped by January 2023; however, we encourage you to pre-order the solution now because pre-ordering ensures you get it way ahead of the next sowing season and at a great introductory price. Secondly, by pre-ordering, you will help us to avoid financing the production through expensive bank loans, allowing us to keep our prices low. Thirdly and most importantly, you’d be taking a part in our mission to make precision farming technologies affordable for every farmer in the world. We have worked hard to bring you a more efficient and affordable solution; we hope that it will bring you a very fruitful next season.