Dear farmers, we hope you are doing great and ready for the new season. Our team continues its work to make the FieldBee application more convenient and helpful for you.

We have a new free version 7.1.3 Fieldbee app update available. And here what we have prepared:

  • Better synchronization between different devices
  • Improved HeadLand pattern
  • Automatic transfer of information from task to track parameters

Better synchronization between different devices

One of the ways FiledBee is different from other tractor navigation systems is that it runs on mobile application. Instead of a terminal you can use your Android smartphone and tablet.

Unfortunately before this release, when using the FieldBee app on different devices, data about your routes was not transferring between them. We have fixed that! Now all information about your roots and guidance lines will be automatically synchronised to cloud and accessible from any mobile device or tablet.

How does it work?

Having processed the field using one of the patterns, this data will be immediately saved and synchronized with reference to the field and track. Therefore, by installing the FieldBee app on another mobile device and synchronizing your account, you will be able to use your guidance lines again.

Improved HeadLand pattern

Long waited improvement by our users. Just in time before the new season! In previous versions of the FieldBee application, the HeadLand pattern did not allow to build AB lines when driving around the field boundaries twice. Now it can be done! How does it work?
  • Select the Headland pattern in the track parameters, and start navigation.
  • After the start of the track recording, set the SET point to fix the beginning of the route. If necessary to draw AB lines along the first contour, do not forget to set AB points on one of the field boundaries.
  • After recording a track with one perimeter, continue navigating to record the second perimeter.
  • To build AB lines on the second perimeter set A and B point on that line. Now you can close perimeter, before setting A and B points

Automatic transfer of information from task to track parameters

Good news for farmers that are already using Tasks functionality in our app. And one more reason to start using it for those who didn’t do it before. As now, if you insert information about your machine and implement while setting up a Task, this information will be automatically inserted to the Track Parameters.

How does it work?

  • Create a Task, add your tractor and equipment to it.
  • Start a track recording from a Task or select a task in the track parameters, your tractor and equipment information are automatically there.
  • For the functionality to work correctly, we recommend adding one piece of machine and one piece of equipment at one time.
Hope you will enjoy our improvements! Please let us know if you have found some issues or know how to improve further FieldBee navigation app. Together we can create a great experience for all farmers worldwide.