We're thrilled to share some fantastic news with you: FieldBee has recently gained recognition in a lot of prominent agricultural newspapers across several countries. We’re honoured and proud to have our hard work noticed all around Europe. Delve with us into some of the highlights translated for your reading convenience.

AgroFakt: Affordable Precision Farming Systems

AgroFakt highlighted FieldBee's commitment to providing affordable precision farming solutions. The article emphasised the two main product lines, Manual Guidance (now PowerGuide) and PowerSteer, offering advanced automatic tractor control systems. With precision reaching 2 cm through RTK signals and SIM cards, FieldBee ensures outstanding accuracy while maintaining a competitive price point.

The user-friendly approach of FieldBee's systems was also emphasised, allowing farmers to set up the technology in just about 30 minutes. The reliability of the system is backed by a highly qualified support team available both remotely and in person.

AgroProfil: Quality, Compliance, and Safety

AgroProfil underlined FieldBee's pride in its distinguishing factors. All FieldBee devices are produced in the EU, ensuring quality and compliance with rigorous standards. Data security is a top priority, with servers located in Germany and built-in remote update capabilities. Looking forward, FieldBee plans to integrate its autopilot with ISOBUS, enhancing compatibility and functionality.

The article also mentioned the name "FieldBee", which reflects our dedication to hard work and bountiful harvests, aligning with our mission to meet farmers' needs. The successful relocation of FieldBee's engineering and programming team to southeastern Poland under the leadership of Founder and CEO Michael Utkin was highlighted as well.

Maatilan Pellervo: Seamless Adaptability and Robust Functionality

In the Finnish publication Maatilan Pellervo, FieldBee PowerSteer's ease of transfer between tractors took centre stage. The primary task involves detaching and transferring the steering wheel. While the wheel fits tractors of the same brand, an adapter is needed for different brands. The device's dedicated pad is designed for practical use, with a display visible even in direct sunlight. Users can also employ a generic tablet by loading the Finnish-language Android-based software.

Topagrar Highlights FieldBee PowerSteer: Efficient GPS Steering Upgrade

Topagrar shines light on FieldBee's PowerSteer, a rapid GPS steering retrofit for tractors. The pivotal innovation involves integrating the controller into the receiver, streamlining components. PowerSteer operates with an electric steering wheel motor and provides a hydraulic option. The article notes easy attachment with a bayonet closure, initially placed on the bonnet for reduced inaccuracies. Installation involves a wiring harness, with reduced power requirements when the system is off. The main switch activates the system, managed through the "FieldBee GPS Navigation" app. 

Trekker Online Spotlights FieldBee PowerSteer: Affordable Precision Steering

Trekker Online explores FieldBee's latest offering, the PowerSteer, an economical automatic steering system. Replacing the previous MDU, PowerSteer achieves precision of 2.5 cm with RTK correction signals. The system boasts a simplified design and ease of use, making it suitable for smaller farms or those cautious about high entry costs. The comprehensive set includes an electric steering motor, cabling, tablet, RAM support with a built-in charger, and an anti-rotation kit. Notably, the GPS receiver's integration into the tractor's nose streamlines the transfer between tractors. The article provides a detailed breakdown of technical specifications and pricing options, making it a must-read for those considering an affordable yet efficient GPS steering solution.

FieldBee is proud to take the stage in these reputable publications, and we're excited to continue our journey of providing accessible and top-notch precision farming solutions to farmers around the world.

Happy farming!