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New FieldBee 6.0.8 app update. Improved, fixed, optimised

In this new version, we have made significant improvements in track recording and solved the issues that some of our users have faced.

1. Optimized track recording

We received several feedbacks from customers, that they had problems with saving very long tracks and getting “out of memory” errors.

We are pleased to announce that this problem has been solved!

We have optimised the process of track recording by saving tracks with segments. Now recording and saving large tracks (more than 3-4 hours) is performed without freezing and crashing.

2. Restoring tracks after the crash

We are trying our best to make sure the crashes do not occur, however, each model of smartphone and tablet has its own peculiarity. So, crashes in the application may happen sometimes.

In this case, we made sure that our clients can continue their field operations and do not lose the track that was recorded.

Now if the app suddenly crashes while recording a track, after restarting the application our client will have the opportunity to restore and continue it.

All the data from the track will be restored too – processed area, pattern, guidelines etc..

3. The implement width is displayed according to the scale of the map.

In this version, we also made improvements in user interface for the “Implement icon”.

Now its size shows the real width and changes after zooming in and zooming out.

4. Map zooming fix

In this version, we also made improvements in user interface for the “Implement icon”.

Now its size shows the real width and changes after zooming in and zooming out.

5. Fixed track coverage for AB Curve pattern



Some customers reported a problem with track coverage for curve passes. Now it’s fixed.

The coverage area is drawn by the implement correctly. Farmers can now fully use AB Curve pattern without unpleasant issues.

We continue our work to improve the FieldBee precision agriculture app to make it more reliable and easy to use for our customers.

If you have ideas on what else we should improve/change/add into the application please let us know and we will add it in new releases. Together we can make the best tractor navigation app for all farmers in the world!

6 thoughts on “New FieldBee 6.0.8 app update. Improved, fixed, optimised

  1. I want to save implement with implement width, offset front/after and offset left/right.
    So next time that I choose that implement, I do NOT have to fill in all these parameters AGAIN.
    It will save a lot of time and frustrations.

    1. Hello! Of course, we are trying to do crucial updates for easy usage!

  2. BOnjour
    Google Play ne propose pas le téléchargement de cette version.
    Comment peut-on faire pour passer à la version 6.0.8
    Agri Chauffeur

    1. Salut! Nous ouvrons la mise à jour pour 20% des utilisateurs, pour d’autres nous l’ouvrirons bientôt. S’il vous plaît restez à l’écoute!

  3. I have been trialling a Windows application FarmerGPS. If no AB type pattern is selected, it automatically shows a path relative to the closest previous route. I find this very useful for working my very non-standard shaped fields. I can just drive around in a spiral, and the next pass will automatically pick up the previous pass and show guidance relative to that.

    I tried AB Curve in FIeldBee some time ago, and it didn’t respond well to one lap of the field. Maybe you have fixed this since?

    1. Hello, Justin! Yes, we made a few fixes with curve lines.
      There is an option to use different patterns. Recording and saving different guiding lines. Then it is possible to choose recently used patterns and variate between them.

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