Together with engineers from Türk Traktör work began two years ago to develop an exclusive and customised navigation solution for Case IH JX ProGuide and New Holland TDD MasterDrive Tractors, using the FieldBee tractor navigation system. Instead of conventional terminal solutions, FieldBee uses smartphones and an Internet of Things (IoT) architecture, making the solution affordable, updatable and modular and highly precise at the same time.

About Turk Tractor

The first producer in the Turkish automotive industry and it has become one of Turkey’s most important organizations with exports to more than 130 countries, mainly the Americas.

Türk Traktör operates with 50 000 tractors of product capacity per year. Their leadership position has been established and growing only for 12 years now

How it began

Companies requirements were the ability to use the tablet without any cables. And that system needed to work with automatic steering and to be able to work outside the field, so the farmer can take out the smart device outside the cabin and continue to use it afterwards.



Türk Traktör tested several products:
  • FieldBee RTK GNSS system with radio mode
  • Hydraulic autosteer
FieldBee RTK GNSS system with radio mode paired together showed great results. The test case included driving with AB straight lines. During the testing, we made physical measurements, repeated the test several times and made a comparison of measurement at different points.

The measurements proved 2 cm accuracy. With the hydraulic wheel, it is more accurate at higher speed but it is not a typical steering situation.

They also asked about voice integration in cases of interruptions and we explored the possibility to integrate voice identification and remote control for the autosteering system. During testing, we sum up that radio mode works better to meet the needs.

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During the performance tests that were undertaken by the manufacturer, FieldBee was compared against Trimble, AvMap and other well known brands on the market.

The results were great. FieldBee was proved to have the same steering performance and high accuracy at a more affordable price. The products were deemed adequate to the high-quality standards of our client.

Since first launching its collaboration with eFarmer 2 years ago, Türk Traktör has evaluated FieldBee product performance, quality, and precision. Together the companies have worked on developing steer ready hardware kits, radiofrequency and software localization for the Turkish market. In early August Turktractor launched a new tractor with FieldBee autosteer and RTK system in it.