Our Efforts in Ukraine and Company Update

The recent disastrous unprovoked Russian attack on the people of Ukraine has left the world speechless, it has affected many people worldwide, and FieldBee more than most non-Ukrainian companies. In this article, we aim to inform you of the efforts that are being made by our company to help the people of Ukraine, all the while proceeding with our business operations.

A little about why this situation hits close to home

FieldBee was founded in the Netherlands; however, our development centre is located in Kyiv, and with it, many of our employees. Therefore, in the weeks leading up to the start of this heart-breaking war, the founder of FieldBee – Michael Utkin, put in place a business continuity plan which aimed to move our employees as well as their family members and household pets to the western part of Ukraine, where a hotel was booked for them to reside in, safely, well… as safely as one can be during a war.

For this plan to work efficiently, a bus was rented out and filled with a full tank of petrol to evacuate the people from Kyiv, out west. We want to point out that some of our employees had pregnant partners, newborn babies, and elderly parents; this was something that we considered and made plans accordingly.

After we evacuated nearly 62 of our employees and their families safely to the designated location, we decided to take it upon ourselves not to stop there. We realised that we could help others, strangers that are related to our company in no way – this was the least we could do. So that same bus arrived back in Kyiv with a re-filled tank of petrol and started to evacuate others to a safer place.

By now, we have evacuated 400 people from Kyiv to the west, using 2 buses that go back and forth. We also make sure to load the buses going east with needed humanitarian supplies.

Continuing with Business operations

Despite the recent turmoil in Ukraine, we continue with business operations as usual: the hardware production and order fulfillment processes are uninterrupted, we continue delivering top-notch customer support and sales. However, our R&D operations which are responsible for creating better tools and technologies to help farmers, have been slowed down.

We want to assure our customers that we are committed to continue with business as usual. We at FieldBee want to thank you all for your understanding, patience, and support.

Our priority continues to be helping the people of Ukraine; if you would like to help us in this endeavour, please contact us on: Info@fieldbee.com
We also want to say a huge thank you to those of you who have helped us in this endeavour, to those farmers who have taken in Ukrainian refugees or have already offered to. And those that are thinking about pitching in; your generosity touches us.