May 15, 2024
Exploring FieldBee 10.3: Elevating Precision Farming to New Heights
We're thrilled to announce the latest release of FieldBee, version 10.3, packed with exciting updates and enhancements based on your valuable feedback. Let's dive into the details of what's new in this release ...
May 13, 2024
Exciting Collaboration in Baden-Württemberg: FieldBee Partners with Duffner Landtechnik to Expand Reach
FieldBee is delighted to announce its new partnership with Duffner Landtechnik GmbH + Co. KG, a leading name in agricultural technology and service. This collaboration signifies a significant move forward for us as we aim ...
April 12, 2024
FieldBee's First Quarter Recap: Supporting Farmers and Innovating Precision Farming
As the first quarter of the year has come to a close, FieldBee takes a moment to reflect on the steps made in supporting farmers and advancing precision farming ...
April 2, 2024
Precision Farming: Revolutionising Agriculture with Environmental Consciousness
In today's world, where the population is rapidly growing and so are our worries about the environment, farming faces a big challenge: how do we produce more food without ruining the planet? That's where precision farming ...
February 8, 2024
Multiple Headland pattern and automatic U-Turn functionality coming soon!
Exciting times are ahead as we gear up to roll out some fantastic updates with our latest release! We're thrilled to share the new functionalities that will soon be available for testing by our beta users. Let's dive into ...
January 24, 2024
Updates you’ve been waiting for in FieldBee 10.1.0
Greetings, FieldBee enthusiasts! We are thrilled to bring you the latest and greatest from FieldBee with the release of version 10.1.0. In this update, our focus remains on efficiency and user input-driven improvements to ...
december 29, 2023
FieldBee's Year in Review: A Power-Packed 2023
As we wrap up the year, we're thrilled to take a stroll down memory lane and reflect on the incredible journey we've had at FieldBee in 2023. It's been a year of growth, innovation, and, of course, powering up the fields ...
December 20, 2023
FieldBee's Guidance Solutions Featured in Prominent Agricultural Newspapers
We're thrilled to share some fantastic news with you: FieldBee has recently gained recognition in a lot of prominent agricultural newspapers across several countries ...
December 6, 2023
FieldBee's Track Guidance System Takes Center Stage in Eilbote Feature
We are thrilled to share exciting news about our latest feature in Eilbote, a prominent source for agricultural news and insights. The article sheds light on FieldBee's innovative track guidance system, emphasising...