Earlier last week we sent an email survey out to better hear and understand what might deter you from purchasing an autosteer system, so (drumroll please) today we want to take this opportunity to address some of your top answers.

1. Price

The majority of people have answered with price, and of course, money is super important to any farmer. Most autosteer solutions range from about € 5,000 to € 20,000, which is a huge range. At FieldBee we try to fulfil our vision through every product we produce which is making precision farming available for the small-mid sized farmers, by purchasing our guidance system it pays back within 1 season of usage. Other systems by Trimble, TopCon and John Deer cost well over €10,000 and the short payback period is simply not there. Our products come at an affordable price, and at the same time keep the quality and usability of our products at a very high standard, and are available for delivery in January 2023

2. Not enough information on FieldBee autosteer solutions

We hear you loud and clear on that one. Ouch… The fact that we have something great doesn’t always mean that we’re good at explaining that.
So I’ll tell you what… in just a few days (yes, in early June this year), we’re exposing the newest member in our autosteer family. We’re working day and night to explain it well, with videos, tech sheets, brochures and whatnot…
As a part of the FiledBee marketing team, I hope we’re going to do a great job also on that front.
All of our products are manufactured in the EU, and our autosteer solutions are one of the best in the market, with the highest possible accuracy of 2cm on the field.

3. I don’t need high-precision tools

Who are we to tell you otherwise! Indeed, if you are a dairy farmer and only use GPS for spraying and spreading, you don’t necessarily need an autosteer and you also could do without RTK accuracy.
If you’re an arable farmer, you should really consider adopting RTK precision guidance for your tractor.
Because…Using autosteer saves up 15% of your costs on things like fuel, pesticides, and fertiliser due to its high occurrence, which reduces any overlap. Autosteer solutions also free up your hands to do other more important things, or, just spend more time with your family.
You are also able to drive your tractor at night in low visibility which means getting more work done, faster.

4. No time to install it

Our new product which we are announcing soon (no spoilers!) is a re-worked, improved version of autosteer solutions, it only takes 15 minutes to install and a total of 1 hour to completely set up and start testing, and doesn’t require a trained mechanic, you are able to do it all by yourself!