Greetings, FieldBee enthusiasts! We are pleased to introduce the latest advancements in our software with the release of version 10.0. Let's delve into the significant features and optimisations that this update brings to enhance your precision farming experience.

New Features: A Focus on Efficiency

Responding to user feedback, we are introducing the "Quick Start" mode, designed to minimise data entry and expedite the initiation of your navigation track. This streamlined approach prioritises efficiency, allowing users to commence navigation swiftly. Additionally, we've fine-tuned and optimised various aspects of our product for a more seamless and efficient overall experience.

Quick Start Mode: Simplifying the Onset

In recognition of the importance of time in your farming operations, our new "Quick Start" mode simplifies the initiation process, allowing users to focus on essential tasks and commence navigation promptly.

Acknowledging User Input: Driving Improvements

A sincere thank you to our dedicated community for contributing valuable insights. Your suggestions have resulted in noteworthy enhancements:
  • Improved movement direction at super slow speeds for enhanced precision.
  • Automatic naming of the "NTRIP Provider Name" for a smoother navigation setup.
  • Enhanced functionality of PowerSteer Dual's stop function, providing users with greater control.
  • Introduction of the new "Saved Track" pattern for improved track management.

Bug Fixes: Ensuring a Seamless Experience

Our commitment to providing a flawless user experience led us to address and rectify issues related to activating autopilot mode after a forced controller reboot. Additionally, we've corrected the line offset functionality to eliminate any potential glitches.

Sneak Peek for the Next Release: Advancing Possibilities

Looking ahead, we are excited to bring you the ability to work with equipment that has an offset relative to the tractor. Visualising two lines (tractor and implement) within the navigation framework will offer enhanced precision. Alpha users can also anticipate testing the radio mode for transmitting RTK signals, a feature that holds promising potential.
Your invaluable feedback continues to drive our progress. We appreciate your ongoing support and look forward to delivering more impactful updates as we strive to revolutionise precision farming. Stay tuned for further developments!