Greetings! We are delighted to share with our app users the latest updates, which are explicitly designed to enhance your farming experience. These new features have been carefully crafted to simplify and streamline various aspects of the app, ensuring smooth operation and improved productivity.
In release 9.14.0, we:
  • optimized the process of equipment reconnection;
  • improved the process of creating a vehicle profile;
  • added a tilt calibration process for the vehicle;
  • simplified the connection of the FieldBee RTK GNSS Receiver product.
So, let's take a closer look at what's new!
Optimized Equipment Reconnection
Reconnecting your equipment is now much easier and faster! We have introduced a convenient "Reconnect" option that automatically re-establishes the connection with your previous network parameters, devices, and NTRIP provider. With a successful reconnection displayed, you can effortlessly get back to work, saving you time and hassle.

Improved Vehicle Profile Creation
Creating a vehicle profile is now even easier and more efficient. You now have the option to select an existing profile for both transportation and PowerSteer purposes.
Additionally, we have updated the visualization of parameters, making it simpler to input and understand the necessary measurements. Say goodbye to complex setup procedures!
Tilt Calibration for Precise Autosteering
We understand the impact of surface inclinations on autosteering accuracy. We have introduced a tilt calibration process for your vehicles to combat this. You can achieve more precise autosteering performance by calibrating the vehicle's tilt on uneven surfaces. The setup process is straightforward: just place the vehicle on a level surface, allow the equipment to record the information, rotate the vehicle, and return it to the same spot. Once the calibration is complete, you will receive a notification confirming its success.

Simplified Connection Process for FieldBee RTK GNSS Receiver
Connecting your FieldBee RTK GNSS Receiver is now simpler than ever. We have implemented a sequential connection process, guiding you through each step for a seamless experience. The fields must be filled are displayed logically, ensuring ease of use and minimizing potential confusion.
With these latest updates, our tractor navigation app empowers you to navigate your tractors precisely and efficiently. Whether it's optimizing equipment reconnection, simplifying vehicle profile creation, achieving precise autosteering through tilt calibration, or streamlining the connection process for the FieldBee RTK GNSS Receiver, we're dedicated to enhancing your farming journey.
Experience seamless navigation, save time, and maximize productivity in your fields with our powerful new features.
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