We are happy to be the bearer of good news about the latest improvements for our Users. The whole FieldBee team is laser-focused on making the app experience as smooth as possible and doing our part in the precision farming revolution. Thank you for trusting us and providing invaluable feedback!
Onto the details, this release includes:
  • Improved basic controller algorithms, resulting in higher steering accuracy at different speeds.
    In order to access the enhanced algorithms, simply update the controller software. To do this, go to "My Equipment" section and click the "Update" button for the product in question (you need to specify which product exactly). Please make sure the controller is turned on and connected to the Internet.
    The system will redirect you to the ToolBox application, where you can update the software to version 1.6.9. The required updates will be automatically installed on your product.
  • Simplified product setup flow during navigation.
    After the controller software update, new settings for vehicle autosteering will also be implemented. From now on, you won't need to change steering adjustment presets settings for different speeds during autosteering. The system will utilise the installed update and provide the necessary steering quality at speeds in the 1–15 km/h range.
We hope the latest release elevates your experience with our product. Please continue to share your observations and needs as they are exactly what drives us in our work.
Thank you!