Today, nearly 50% of all farmers in the United Kingdom are using one or several precision agriculture techniques in their operations but in many other counties, farmers are just starting to learn about precision farming technologies.

Alexey Bogatyryev, FieldBee CTO points out that farmers who use conservative methods will have a hard time competing with other farming companies and following farming technologies with the required minimization of chemical use. Even organic farming, which requires a lot of mechanical operation (like in row crop cultivation) now needs high precision and speed.

Agriculture professionals who are only planning to take advantage of all the benefits brought about by precision farming techniques often need to invest money upfront to purchase drones, accurate navigation systems, auto-steering technology for tractors, remote sensors, agriculture software, and more. But before you can shell out a significant portion of your profits on new tech, you need to understand the advantages it’s going to bring you. Below, we will talk about 5 main benefits of precision farming.

Use fewer resources

Precision farming technology allows farmers to minimize the amount of fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, water, seeds, etc., used in the field by using resources only in parts of the fields where they are necessary.

Improve yields and profitability

By optimizing the use of fertilizers, pesticides, and irrigation in different sections of the fields, farmers can increase their harvests and ensure that their crop yields are as high as they can possibly be. As a result of reduced use of resources and improved yields, farms can become significantly more profitable. For instance, simply using a tractor autosteer system can increase profits by 120 euros per hectare.

Improved sustainability of precise farms

Precise agriculture technologies are significantly more eco-friendly than conventional farming practices. As a result, farmers can manage their land sustainably, improve long-term land values, and even make their products more attractive to customers who are growing increasingly wary of fruits and vegetables grown with the use of chemicals.

Accurate yield predictions

The use of precision farming technology can help farmers make accurate predictions regarding crop yields, ideal seeding and harvesting times, etc. This information allows farm owners to make better agronomic decisions.

More free time

Farmers who use autosteering technology, remove sensors, and other gadgets can let technology take care of routine tasks and instead focus their attention on the business side of farming or spend more time with their families.


In today’s world, it’s virtually impossible for farms to remain profitable without using precision farming methods, as evidenced by the wide adoption of precision farming technologies in developed countries. With decreasing costs of solutions, precision farming technologies have become a must-have for all arable and orchard farmers. Start your farm’s journey towards improved sustainability, higher profitability, and increased yields today with FieldBees’ precision farming products.