Today, there’s no shortage of apps for farming on the market. No matter where you live, what type of farming operation you run, and what problems you’re looking to solve. There are countless apps that promise to revolutionize the way you farm and make your life significantly easier.

However, you might already know that not all of those claims are true. While there’s a huge number of apps you can download, only a few of them will actually end up being useful. We’re here to save you some time, as in this article, we will present some of the best apps for farming you should try.

The list in the article is combined from the Publications Survey and the Fieldbee Farmer Questionnaire. Keep in mind that all the apps listed below are free but some offer paid premium versions.

Take Action

Is your farm suffering from damage caused by herbicide-resistant weeds? Then consider downloading Take Action. This app makes it possible for farmers to diversify herbicide application protocols by providing alternatives to the herbicides you’re using.


FieldBee is one of the leading precision agriculture apps for farmers on the market. It allows you to use precise tractor guidance technology with GPS or RTK-GNSS receivers, create field maps, store logs of past agricultural procedures, and even auto-steer tractors when you install a FieldBee autosteering device on your equipment.


If your farm has suffered from labor shortages in the past few years, you are not alone. Since 2002, the number of farm workers has declined by nearly 40% in California and other US states and the situation in other countries is similar. FarmHand is looking to fix this. The app allows farm workers who are looking for jobs to post listings with their work experience on the app. And farmers can rate and review workers they’ve had an experience with.

Tractor Zoom

This app will be useful for farmers looking to purchase used tractors and other agricultural machinery. Sellers can create auctions on the app to put up their equipment for sale. At the same time, farmers can search for auctions on specific agricultural machinery they need and even sign up for alerts regarding new listings.

Farm Dog

If you’re using scouting data obtained from multiple sources to guide your farming decisions, it can be difficult to keep track of all the information. Farm Dog gives farmers an opportunity to store all scouting information, including aerial imagery, soil data, and in-field observations in one place. This app for farmers also allows you to effectively communicate with your team. Plus, Farm Dog doesn’t require an internet connection to work, so it can be used both online and offline when you’re out in the field.

Concluding words

Most farmers who live in developed countries already use apps to keep track of crops, manage finances, implement precision farming techniques, keep track of tasks that need to be completed, and more. But there’s always more new technology to try and to remain competitive in business. Agriculture professionals always need to continue searching for new solutions that can help them improve the efficiency of their operations and cut costs.