Greetings, FieldBee enthusiasts! We are thrilled to bring you the latest and greatest from FieldBee with the release of version 10.1.0. In this update, our focus remains on efficiency and user input-driven improvements to ensure a seamless experience. Let's dive into the significant features that this update brings to elevate your precision farming endeavours.

Enhanced Implement Information Input Process

In response to user feedback and to further streamline your workflow, we've revamped the process of typing in information about implements in the app. Now, users have the option to select the implement type during the implement creation flow, providing a more structured and intuitive approach to managing information related to your farming equipment. This improvement aims to make the implement setup more straightforward and tailored to your specific needs.

Radio Mode Functionality

This advancement caters to users in areas with limited or no internet coverage, where direct visibility to the base station becomes crucial. If your controller contains a radio module, you can now opt to use the radio channel to receive RTK corrections instead of relying on the internet.

Activating this mode is a breeze – during device connection, users simply need to choose the radio mode instead of an NTRIP provider. This flexibility ensures that FieldBee remains a reliable tool even in remote locations, where a direct radio connection provides a robust solution for maintaining precision navigation. This feature empowers users to navigate with confidence, irrespective of internet accessibility, opening up new possibilities for precision farming in diverse environments.

Thank you for your continued support, and stay tuned for more groundbreaking updates from FieldBee as we work together to revolutionise precision farming. Your feedback remains instrumental in shaping the future of our products. Happy farming!