The new digital era brings us great technology daily. It started with easy task management to optimize our time to huge steps further. On behalf of the future, we are going to discuss with you an ag farming technology. What it will look like, what’s the trends and how it helps you with a farm you will get to know at this article.

Potential benefits that come with precision agriculture technology

Due to rapid changes in ag technology we want to highlight hidden profits in this theme.

  • Accurate positioning is the first step to affordable precision farming. Even more, NTRIP is becoming free for usage;
  • Developing navigation and autonomous farming systems are raised in popularity. It gives us promises of upgrading autonomous machinery.
  • Satellite and aerial imagery have already started to be widely used by farmers.
  • Soil sampling adoption raised to near 91% with using a computer or laptop with the net;
  • More than 80% adoption rates of maps and yield monitoring and GPS farm mapping for guidance systems;

Based on the information above, we can confidently say about the future of ag equipment. It consists only of your computer/laptop and the net connection. Additional supplies such as farming app, RTK/GPS signal antennas, and autosteer will work cohesively only with your starter pack.

Main digital equipment in precision farming

Essentials of farming future based on precision ag software. The tools may vary but they mainly focus on two branches: data management and field monitoring.

Data management part covers record keeping functionality with tasks, fields, notes and glossary of your work. You may have kind of specific professional terms at your work, so it’s better to share this info with other guys from your farm. What else to add about the glossary functionality is that you may add data about your current materials, vehicles (specify machinery), crops for trimble ag. We want to highlight that you can use, for example, one ag app with several workers and synchronize their workforce.

Field monitoring is a statement part, behind the data. It leads farmers all over the world with the navigation functionality of your field. In this part it’s important to work correctly with:

  • The layers, which shows different map type and displays your fields borders with/without the crop (due to enabling option);
  • The measurement tools allow you to measure distances with a ruler path;

The future of farming

Precision agriculture technology gained wide publicity nowadays and it is still in the middle of the adoption process for farmers.

Our CTO Alexey has more than 10 years in agriculture technologies claim: “RTK signal is a cost-effective solution nowadays. It helps better to perform field operations and use them in the concept of precision farming”. Focusing on precision ag technologies you can go a few steps further than your opponents, get a better harvest and use what you have already had 100%. Besides that, you are starting to be capable of improving the quality and quantity of produce, weigh the pros and cons and just be ready to face obstacles without losses.