For saving high precision farmers are forced to stay on track with professional digital farming tools. They use certain handy solutions to preserve significant accuracy. What it is better to use? GPS navigation system, for sure. But how to use it correctly? Which add ons are better?

In this article, we are going to cover those questions and even more.

Minimum effort for maximum benefit

Let’s imagine that you have an old tractor, which is still doing his work. You may think, is it possible to use your machine and stay in the game? Of course. You may use additional add ons to pop your tractor.

To prolong your tractor activity experts advised using an agriculture GPS system. It preserves to work out the field up to 100%. Imagine that without a GPS system your field usage varies from 60% to 80%. To solve the question we highly recommend using the app.

Next step is to try RTK GPS for tractor. It is placed directly on top of your machine, catches WI-Fi signal (you may connect and track it in the app) and works perfectly with up to +-1 cm accuracy. You can also switch it between tractors, so after machine updates, you can use it as previously.

You can even go further and try a combo – manual guidance system for tractor. It has a great starter pack to optimize your fieldwork. It contains the app and rtk gps systems for tractors. With this option, you get navigation AB straight, mapping, record keeping, notes and even drive at night. An agriculture gps system will provide you with a wider solution for your usual farmers routine.

Most farmers use an agriculture GPS system with pleasure because they see growth in productivity. For the same time spent with the minimum effort, they get maximum benefit.

Variety usage for fieldwork

Which thought mostly comes to your mind after having heard farmers reviews all over the world about agricultural gps guidance systems? They are totally happy with additional help. When farming season starts, fieldwork such as crop time, cultivating, fertilising, pest control and even harvesting go smoothly. Why? Because of wide FieldBee products functionality. For example, gps farm mapping stores information about any activity on the field with your tractor.

As you may notice, the GPS system for farming assists you to achieve higher results and gives you more profit. Farmers all over the world are already trying the FieldBee product and hugely recommend it to their neighbours. The proof that the GPS system is not only good but also has the potential to upgrade old tractors with affordable add-ons, which provide 100% fieldwork coverage. The more attention you pay, the most benefit you get.