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How to connect FieldBee with SAPOS?

FieldBee works with SAPOS in Germany. You need to create an account there and it is necessary to be connected to Base station with transmitting correction using messages RTCM version 3 and higher.

How to use Fieldbee with RTK correction providers?

FieldBee can receive RTK correction from networks that are available in your area. The accuracy of the system in such cases can be up to +/-1 cm. Correction networks typically have paid access, but in some countries and regions, they are provided for free by the government. For example FLEPOS network in Belgium, SAPOS in Germany etc.

Additional requirements:

You will need to register with your local RTK correction provider (NTRIP provider list) and obtain the following parameters needed for connection:
  • Domain or IP address
  • Port
  • Login and Password
  • Nearest mount point name or Correction stream name When asking the information above, tell your provider that RTCM 3.x format is required. (We do not support RTCM 2.x format).
Important! You will need to have a Wi-Fi access point with the Internet access or share Internet from your Android device by enabling mobile Hotspot in Android Settings.

Could you state the LoRa frequency?

LoRa is not currently available in L2 devices

It will be available later with future firmware updates.

How to connect FieldBee with FLEPOS?

You can find a more detailed guide about receiving correction from FLEPOS via the link (NL).
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