Profi, the leading German monthly agricultural magazine, reviews FieldBee’s new PowerSteer system, noting its affordability, ease of installation and use, and suitability for retrofitting on almost every tractor. The article* also reports the impressiveness of FieldBee’s response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, ensuring that employees could evacuate to safety to continue work on PowerSteer (*this is a translation of the original German article):

Fieldbee further innovates autosteering guidance system

After the initial presentation of its parallel driving system in 2019, Fieldbee has now further developed its components and software. The new system is called PowerSteer.

We tested the first Fieldbee system about two years ago and were eager to see its further development.

The new PowerSteer system can be retrofitted to almost any tractor, has fewer components, and is easier to install than its predecessor. There are three versions: the basic and premium versions are electrically controlled by a steering wheel motor and can be installed by the farmer themselves.. A hydraulic version, where the steering wheel motor is removed, and the steering cylinder is directly controlled, requires more time for installation and is usually performed by a professional workshop.

The menu structure appears to be easy to navigate at first glance. The menu is also available in different languages.
The PowerWheel steering wheel must be equipped with brackets during assembly. Before delivery, Fieldbee sends a template to determine the correct size of the adapter for the steering column. (Image source: Malte Sohst) After removing the old steering wheel, the new steering wheel, including the motor, can be placed on the steering column.

A power cable with a main switch supplies the motor with energy from the battery. (Image source: Malte Sohst)

Fieldbee Guidance system

In the basic and premium versions, four components are necessary for use: an electronic all-in-one control unit, a steering wheel developed for tractors (Fieldbee calls it the PowerWheel) including an adapter for the steering column and corresponding assembly materials, and an android-based tablet or smartphone with the corresponding app. The manufacturer estimates that the initial installation time is approximately one hour. The most time-consuming aspect is the cable installation in the cabin and to the battery, or from the tablet to the receiver, which takes extra time.

Calibrating the system is also simple.. There is also a step-by-step guide in the app that explains the process.

Costs for the parallel driving system

Fieldbee has always aimed to develop a system that is helpful for every farmer. Therefore, the investment sum for the farmer should not be too high. This is reflected in the prices: the basic version costs 4,200 euros (not including the tablet with holder), the premium version (receiver, steering wheel including motor, and tablet with holder) costs 4,900 euros, and the hydraulic version costs over 7,000 euros. In addition, there are costs for the app, which amount to 119 euros per year, and possibly costs for a SIM card, with a prepaid SIM card with about 3 to 5 GB per month being sufficient.

Background of the Development

In light of the Russian attack on Ukraine, the achievements of FieldBee engineers take on a different significance. Ukraine was the base of FieldBee’s technical development centre, and the location was directly threatened by Russian aggression. According to the company, with great efforts, it was able to ensure that all FieldBee employees who wanted to be evacuated could leave. This was supported by farmers with a crowdfunding campaign. Subsequently, PowerSteer prototypes were subjected to an alpha test and perfected at the FieldBee Center for Agricultural Development in Poland. In Autumn 2022, final beta tests were carried out on farms in Belgium, Spain, and the Czech Republic.

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