We love farmers and what they are doing for all of us. That is why we are already more than 6 years of working on developing precision farming products that can help all farmers to make their work easier, increase income from their land as well as open new opportunities for developing their businesses. And what motivates us most of all? – Customers that are happy with FieldBee products. We would like to share with you a story of one of our customer Jiri and hope that it will motivate you too to start with precision farming as soon as possible.

About Jiri

Jiri is a farmer from the Brno Czech Republic, who runs a family farm with 2 fields 2000 hectares each as well as taking care of 400 cows. His parents started agribusiness in 1994, just when it was possible after the velvet revolution. Jiri has spotted information about FieldBee on the internet in 2016, and immediately got a strong interest in the product. “Our machines were on DGPS signals so we had to use manual driving. Automatic driving was the issue that I wanted to solve. As well as I wanted to get the precise boundaries of our fields.” For those days his farm has started to implement Agriculture 4.0 things, which can’t work without an RTK signal.

Set up and first ride

Jiri ordered an L2 RTK receiver base station in April last year and started his journey by setting us the system on his farm. Every farm is unique and we often help customers with finding solutions to their particular situations. Like we did for Jiri with developing additional functionality to connect his new FieldBee equipment to the existing Trimble set up. “After we set up L2 base station we wanted to start – but our machines are using Trimble receivers (which requires special RTK setup). With the strong support of Fieldbee engineers, we have been able to implement a solution for Trimble receivers (add message type 1008 into RTCM data stream). Now it’s working perfectly with our Agrifac Condor mountain master sprayer with Trimble CFX-750 and also in our CASE Quadtrac equipped with Trimble AFS 372 receiver + AFS 700 display.”

Learn more about L2 RTK receiver and Base station

Practical tips about product installation

Jiri did the installation of his autosteer and RTK system by himself and FieldBee remote support. And here is his feedback: “It’s so easy and intuitive – so I don’t have any tips ? just drive :-D” With FieldBee equipment farmers have 3 options about installation:
  • Do it by themselves. We provide tutorials, manuals and how-to videos. Arrange online appointments with the Customer Success team for initial set up and later on for implementing changes in configuration. The farmer needs to be ready to spend time studying information and keep communication with our team. This option is free of charge for our paid app customers.
  • Use the service of a local mechanic. Basically, every mechanics with experience in installing auto steering systems by Claas, Mueller-Electronics, Ag Leader, TeeJet will be able to install FieldBee autosteer on your tractor as we are using the same controllers. Additional costs can be charged by your mechanic.
  • By authorized partner. We also offer the “no headache” installation service that can be done by a FieldBee engineer or local authorized partner. Contact us to find if this service is available in your country. This is a paid service but with a guarantee of high performance.

Other navigation systems vs FieldBee

Many farmers are asking us how FieldBee is different from other systems. Here is a reply of Jirin on this question: “Personally I, do not understand why companies like Trimble etc. are still trying to sell RTK base stations for 10 000 Euros…when there is a FieldBee station for 1/10….. As well as I do not understand why companies like Trimble etc. are still offering displays like GFX – 750 with hardware from 18 century ? when even a simple tablet from Samsung is 10x powerful…I like the FieldBee way – buy a device you like, and we give you the software. But on the other hand, those systems implement ISOBUS TC, and much better machine control than Fieldbee. Every product has its pros and cons but if you compare functionality and money value, FieldBee works amazing. Customer Success Team help and guide installation and set up processes with needed configurations. The system is very easy and intuitive to use for the first time and drive for the future. “

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