All farmers we know dream of an affordable and highly accurate automatic steering system. We are working on fulfilling that dream. We have integrated the FieldBee RTK system with the best automatic steering controllers currently available on the market. We presented FieldBee with autosteer at Agritechnica in November. Actually, we presented it near the Agritechnica.

The story about the demonstration and how the FieldBee auto steer system is different

Agritechnica is a great event, the largest agricultural trade fair in the world. Its size – and its cost – are mind-boggling. The price of the smallest stand at Agritechnica is very high. Even if you can afford it, this show is ruled by big companies with big marketing budgets. For instance, two years ago, John Deere paid €1 million to rent out a whole hall!!! We don’t have that kind of money to spare. And even if we did, we would spend it on better, more useful things.

A loyal customer is as good as gold

So what do you do if your clients expect you to be at Agritechnica and you didn’t buy a stand a year ago? As always we turned to our community of farmers. We asked our first customer – and now close friend – Georg, who lives just 20 km from the site of the trade fair, whether we could hold a demonstration at his farm. He kindly agreed, and he and the rest of his family came to our aid. We were incredibly happy and grateful! We had a great location for the presentation as well as access to the field, tractors and a shed. The event was a big success!

About our host Georg

Georg is a young farmer who runs a beautiful 300-year-old farm together with his brother-in-law. They grow vegetables, mostly potatoes. Georg left his job in an office to return to the land. “I will never go back to the office.

Farming is the best,” says Georg now. We are happy to hear such stories. We believe that using technologies can also make farming more attractive to younger farmers. One of these technologies is automatic steering. Tamas, Service Manager Europe from AgJunction, installed automatic steering on a John Deere tractor that belongs to Georg’s brother-in-law. Tamas has more than 10 years experience in installation and service of automatic steering systems. He is passionate about his work and explains that system installation is not so difficult. It should take 2 hours of mechanical work and 30 min for the calibration. Watch the video about how we installed the autosteer here:

How FieldBee automatic steering system is different?

There are many automatic steering systems available on the market. The FieldBee system is better because:

  • High accuracy. The FieldBee RTK system provides 0-4 cm accuracy. The FieldBee sensor can be connected to a local NTRIP provider and can easily be moved from one tractor to another. Thus, the price for such accuracy can be as low as €648.
  • Terrain compensation. The automatic steering controller comes with built-in tilt compensation so you don’t need to pay extra for it. This feature improves accuracy, especially when working on hilly fields.
  • Works on any tractor. The assembly kit can be used for 1000 tractor models and increases the quality and the accuracy of the system. There is a special adjustable kit for the rest of the models.
  • Different installation modes are available: steer-ready, hydraulic and mechanical. If your tractor is not steer-ready you can choose between hydraulic and mechanical installation. Watch the video with advice from Tamas.
  • High quality. The same automatic steering components are used by Claas, Mueller-Electronics, Ag Leader, TeeJet and other precision farming technology providers.
  • Easily interchangeable. Another positive feature of this system is that you can easily move it from one tractor to another. You will need to purchase a special kit for each tractor (€100-150) but the rest of the system parts you can interchange between tractors. Tamas can do this in approximately in 2-3 hours. ?
  • Upgradable to new functionalities such as section control, teamwork and much more. Let us know what you need most, and we will try to implement as soon as possible.
  • Good Price. High quality, highly accurate RTK system for the price of submeter accuracy.

What is next?

We deliver on our promises, and are working hard to create products that serve you well and save you money. We have integrated the best automatic steering controllers currently available on the market into the FieldBee RTK tractor navigation system. We provide the highest accuracy at the lowest cost. And we are not going to stop here.

Our goal is to make precision agriculture technologies even more affordable and easier to use. With your support, we believe that we will achieve this goal. We are growing and hiring more people. Our new team members will allow us to move faster and launch new products more quickly. In March of 2018 we are going to start the installation of the first automatic steering systems. And we have a lot of plans for the new year. We will share these with you at a later date.