June 13, 2022
New and improved tractor guidance – one you can rely on
If you don’t yet use one of our tractor guidance systems, you might have some concerns, as guidance systems need to be 100% available to
June 6, 2022
FieldBee PowerSteer is Here!
We are very happy to announce that our new product: the FieldBee PowerSteer is here and ready for pre-order! We’re on a mission Sometime in
February 1, 2022
Dear Farmers, we are back again with a new app update for you; get ready for new useful features as well as improved functionality to
September 28, 2021
FieldBee app v. 7.3.0: New Useful Features for your successful harvesting!
Dear farmers, we hope you are having a great season this year. Let’s review the updates we’ve prepared for you in the 7.3.0 version of
June 16, 2021
Farmers ask – we improve! FieldBee App version 7.2.0 release note
Our great IT team continues its work to make the FieldBee app more useful and easier for farmers, to remove annoying bugs, and to add
April 26, 2021
Get RTK signal from local NTRIP network faster and easier. FieldBee ToolBox app v. 4.2.4 release notes
The seasonal field bustle is getting closer, and we would like to help our сlients to speed up their work with FieldBee L1 and L2
April 9, 2021
FieldBee tractor GPS navigation app 7.1.3 update, what’s new?
Dear farmers, we hope you are doing great and ready for the new season. Our team continues its work to make the FieldBee application more
February 10, 2021
FieldBee tractor GPS navigation app 7.0.2 update, what’s new?
The holidays are over and it is time to start slowly preparing for the next season. We are also preparing a FieldBee tractor GPS navigation
October 21, 2020
FieldBee app update 6.5.6: better, smarter, faster
FieldBee tractor GPS system architecture is based on mobile application and IoT (internet of things) technologies. It allows us to constantly improve our products with